New Year Goal Setting

How to Accomplish Your Marketing Goals This Year

It was not until about 5 years ago that I personally started crushing goals as a Business Owner. In fact, it was about that same time that I even started creating goals for myself and the business. I always had dreams and aspirations but I never really set them in stone (or Pen and paper), nor did I set timelines or clear guidelines. After working with a few coaches and mentors, I finally decided it was time to get my S#%! together. Below you will find FIVE strategies I use to grow myself and Faim Marketing.
1) Write Your Goals Down.
Of course I started with the most cliche and obvious. But there is more to it than just listing 5 or 6 goals on scratch paper. What I do here is, I set a lunch date for all our employees and as a team we write/type) our business goals. We do it as a team so we could hold each other accountable and know what one another is striving for. In addition, I also give my employees a day off to go somewhere nice and write out their personal goals. If they feel comfortable in sharing those with me, I take time to read them so I know how I could better help my employees achieve their dreams. Oh, and be very precise with your goals. If your goal is to grow your business, set the goal as: Grow business by $1,000,000.
2) Set Guidlines and Strategies
If you are serious about conquering your goals, its important to have a plan of attack. For example, one of my goals this year is to pick up 15 new International clients. The task without a plan is pretty daunting. So I created a plan. I first need to create a landing page on my website for international business. I need to create a PDF or presentation as to how our Company could help oversees businesses create a presence in America. And then I need to build a solid marketing campaign that focuses on business located in Brazil (or whatever Country I choose to go after first).
3) Set a Timeline
Again, if you have no timeline it’s unlikely you’ll crush your goals. If one of your goals is to grow your business by a MILLION dollars. You’ll need to break that down, otherwise the seven digit number will seem impossible. You’ll need to break it down as such (let’s just say last year you generated 3 Million): March 31, 2018=$3,250,000…..June 19= 3.5M September 8= 3.75M Dec.22= 4M.
4) Set Reminders
My phone is so annoying!! Mostly because every month I am reminded of my goals and where I am suppose to be at that date. So per the goal above, I would have a reminder every month before March reminding me that my business needs to generate $3.25M by March 31st.
5) Set Rewards
We all like to be rewarded, so write down a reward for yourself if you achieve all your goals. It could be a new car or a new pair of shoes. It’s up to you but make it something you really want so that you hustle your butt off.

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