Pros and Cons of Advertising on Social Media

It’s common today for you to check in on Facebook or Instagram, scroll down, and see at least one
or two ads. And sometimes, the same ad can appear more than once. Whether or not you choose to
ignore them, these ads that appear on social media definitely receive lots of exposure. But what if
you’re a business considering to try new marketing strategies, or just want to expand coverage.
Then it is definitely not a bad idea to consider Social Media Marketing. Here is brief list of Pros and
Cons to cover when thinking about expanding to SMM.


  • Social Media Marketing is Cheap
    Social Media platforms are free and advertising on it is even cheaper. All you have to do on most
    mainstream platforms is to create a professional looking profile and post your own promotions, gain
    followers, and keep in touch with your customers. You can even invest in a more professional
    advertising campaign on social media, like instagram. You would use the Facebook Ad Manager to
    be able to customize ad style, timed posts, and be able to target audiences based on gathered data
    and demographics.
  • A Lot Of People Will See It
    There’s a saying that goes that if you post anything online, everybody will see it. Obviously, that will
    benefit you as a business. When posting an advertisement, you can use collective tags that are
    related to your ad to attract an audience and gain some followers. As mentioned earlier, if you
    decide to invest in a more professional ad campaign you can be more specific on your target
    audience and who can see it using demographics, so that the right people will see your ad. Either
    way, you will get exposure no matter what.
  • A Better Personal Connection
    On social media users will most likely message you or comment on your posts when asking
    questions or just to express reaction. This is good engagement between you, the advertiser, and the
    user. Social media is just more approachable and easier for users to keep in contact, rather than
    using other forms of contact such as by email or by phone.


  • It Is Time Consuming!
    Managing social media can be absolutely time consuming, because you need to focus on your target
    audience and the quality of your advertisements. Not only that you need to keep a consistent
    presence on social media so that your campaign won’t fade away. It would be best to assign
    someone the job separately as a social media manager, so that you have time to focus on your
    business, rather than the advertisement.
  • Your Brand Image Might Get Damaged
    Creating a profile and uploading it on social media can make your business vulnerable and prone to
    almost anything and anyone. Even though gaining exposure is good, it does come at a cost. Users
    could make malicious comments and could create separate pages to just bring your business down.
    This is an extreme case, but it is still possible from time to time to receive a degree of negativity on
    your own business profile.
  •  Prone To Security Breaches
    Hackers would do anything to gain money online of monetary value. They can hack into professional
    profiles and steal information, holding your business accountable. Although there are ways to best
    prevent that. First it’s best to use a strong password and to manage all of your passwords onto a
    password management program, so that you would only need to remember one master password. It
    is also good to install an anti virus software to prevent security breaches.

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