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What Clients Across The Globe Know Us For

We are fortunate to have been trusted by companies around the globe to generate leads for them. Our lead generation process is unique because it consists of several different strategies of targeting and retargeting. This system was designed to put our clients’ brands in the face of their target market over and over again until they are converted.

Ad Management

We don’t like to call ourselves gurus, but we will say that other marketing agencies across the world use our white label ad management services for their clients. We have built quite the reputation in our industry for advertising on Google, Facebook/Instagram, Bing and LinkedIn. Not only are we accredited partners for these platforms, we are also their neighbors in Silicon Valley and have earned their respect for generating results, our community involvement and using their platforms in an honest and effective manner.

B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation is surely one of our most popular and effective services. Our clients tell us who they want to work with and where – and we take care of the rest. We use our team of data scrapers to find the decision makers our clients would like to work with, and we reach out to them on their behalf. We use multiple channels of communication to spark interest and when the potential client responds positively, our team passes the lead on to the client.

We also do all the follow ups. We know that following up is no fun, so our team does that for our clients.

Marketing Consulting

Although some of our clients have the time and resources to market for themselves, they call on us for conversion guidance and system implementation. We have the capacity to train a Business Owner or marketing team to be more effective in marketing operations. We don’t hold back; we share all the ingredients to the secret sauce. We take a look at your ads, website, crm setup, funnel process and other procedures to ensure you’re geared for healthy business development.

Lead Generation Process

Our Relentless Approach

At Faim Marketing we are your creative force, your marketers and your lead generators. Our most popular service is lead generation, it’s built on a one of a kind system that guarantees you leads. Essentially, we’ve built a system and strategy that allows us to find your ideal clients, market to them directly and then retarget them. We know our system works for two reasons; the first is because we use it for ourselves and the second is, we have an 85% retention rate with our lead gen service.


Data is everything! We have a data mining team that will find everything we need to market to your target audience; email, full name, social media ID and more.

Direct Marketing

We reach out to your target audience for you via several channels. We keep all the rejections and only send you qualified leads and prospects who want to know more about your service or product.

Follow Up

Everyone hates the follow up, except for us, we love to follow up on your behalf. This is where you’ll get to know us as relentless. We’ll follow up with your prospects until they say no, or are ready to speak with you.


Because we already have the right data, we retarget the same audience via direct advertising. When they scroll through their Facebook or browse Google, they’ll see your ad and be reminded that we (you) have been reaching out to them.

And That is How We Guarantee Leads!

Creative Services

Some Of Our Other Popular Services

We are known for leads but here are the services that complement our lead generation efforts. The following services make up for half of our business and therefore we have a full-time team in the SEO and development department. When you hire Faim Marketing for any of the following services, you are assigned an account manager that is available to you five days a week. We provide reports and metrics so that you know we’re crushing it for you.


Marketing is always easier when your website is beautiful and functional, we help build badass websites for a fraction of teh cost of our competitors!

Faim Marketing is a leader in California for Web Design. We have been practicing the art of web building for over a decade. Our team is built of experts that could go as custom as you’d like. The beauty of working with the Faim Gang is that we specialize in building high performing websites. The sites we build are more than just appealing to the eye, we build websites that could be found on top positions of search engines. After all, what good is it to have a great looking website if no one is visiting?

Our websites are custom tailored to your preference. You tell us what you want and we build. You have the option to write your own content or we could do it for you. We have been blessed to develop many sites for an array of industries and have references upon request.


Proper branding is critical when building a business. We make sure your image, content and media are all in line with your brand.

Poor branding is like walking into an ice cream shop only to discover they sell tofu sandwiches. It’s important that your potential customers know exactly what you do within 10 seconds of checking out your business. We often see businesses that; offer too many services, are too technical with their product or service descriptions, have unusual content writing, poor content imaging and no brand consistency.

We are like closet organizers, except for your marketing. We help with anything from redesigning logos and brochures to reviewing your print and digital marketing literature. We make sure your customers don’t have to decode what your business is about and that your brand is easily recognizable.


Faim Marketing caters to clients who require an intensive, full-service approach to search engine marketing

SEO is a slow process but worthwhile because ads are expensive. With our SEO efforts we’ll eventually get you to be ranked well for your keywords. We do all the; blogging, meta tagging, indexing, article submissions and all the other technical stuff to make your business relative online

We know SEO. More importantly, we don’t make promises we can’t keep. Getting to the top of search results is not an overnight process, but we have the right strategies to boost your visibility immediately. With the right tools and game plan, your site will start showing up on your customer’s browser. Best of all, we show you the progress of your rankings and teach you how to track your analytics.


If you haven’t heard or noticed, everyone is on Social Media. Unfortunatly, not everyone has the time to post captavating content for the world to see. Thats where we come in!

Social media is essential for every business. Yes, it helps to brand your business but with the right strategy you could also generate leads. Our social team works with an array of businesses to help them stand out on different social channels, while also providing useful information about the business.

Our clients love that our content is unique to their industry and that we use custom images and photograhy. Usually we grow social accounts 15-20% within the first year. Social Media management is one of our less agressive methods of lead generation, but it’s another piece of the puzzle that helps with growth and awarness and we do a great job of managing.

Who We Work With

Like any good agency, we have dedicated teams that specialize in specific industries. We have been able to generate leads and results in all of the areas shown below. We serve both the B2B and B2C marketplaces, upon your request we could provide additional case studies.

Start Ups


-Hardware Sales

-Software Sales







-Wealth Management




Health and wellness

-Fitness Centers




-Medical Sales

-Cosmetic Clinics




-Restoration & Environmental


-Roofing and Painting

-Specialty Contractors

Faim Gang

Some of Our Key Players (Management Team)

Faim works with an amazing crew of marketing talent. The three characteristics that everyone in Faim Marketing possess are; a passion for marketing, the will to be the best in the industry and the ability to achieve results. The Faim team is second to none when it comes to marketing expertise. The majority of our team is California based, but a portion of our talent operates full time in another country to help with our International relations. Besides studying and following best practices, we are pioneers. Our work in the industry has been shared across hundreds of channels. We are not the biggest agency in the world, but our name is widespread and continues to gain the respect of our clients and peers.

Yussef N.

Captain of the Ship

Lisa t.

Ms. Operations


KaT W.

Social Media & Word Wizard

Christian l.

Ad Master

Anna O.

Lead Magnet

Subh R.

Coding Cowboy

Sachin K.

SEO Chief


Mascot and Brand Ambassador

We Are Always

We are always looking to expand our team of professionals and marketing junkies. If you feel you would be a great asset to our team, we would love to hear from you. Please email your resume to

Our Philosophy


We believe in being relentless in all that we do. We may not be the biggest agency on the planet, but we sincerely feel we are amongst the hardest working and most innovative.

We eat, breathe and sleep marketing. We do not quit or make excuses; we stay relentless until you get results.

We Empower a Relentless Marketing CultureWe Are Outside of the Box ThinkersWe Are About Results, Not Over Compliacted ReportsWe Are Innovation in MarketingWe Are Leaders in the Industry

— The Faim Marketing Mentality —

Our Work


Take a quick glimpse at some of our recent work and analytics. We are happy to send you case studies and provide additional samples of our work upon your request.

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