Building a Successful Business

Building a Successful Business!

We have been blessed to work with a lot businesses of all kinds and sizes. I wouldn’t say we’re Sharing Tank Judge material but we have studied many businesses, some which have become empires and others that are no longer existing.In this short article we’ll uncover 5 Similarities that successful businesses share. Lets get Started!
1) Originality.
There are many ways to make your business stand out apart from all the others. One major factor to having a successful business is being unique. Having a unique company draws attention and interest, this new interest causes potential customers to want to pursue your company. One’s business can be unique in many different ways. Logos, animations, and web design are only a few ways one can make their company stand out.
2) Presentation.
Presentation is everything, when a business is presented to the public in the right way the effect can be major. The more interesting and intriguing your company’s presentation is the more customers you will have coming your way.
3) Attitude.
Your Attitude determines you aptitude. Most of the successful Business Owners CEO’s,CMO’s that we’ve worked with have all been; gracious, humble, courteous and determined. They all share a winning attitude, even in the times we got to witness something not go as planned in their business they didn’t lose their cool. A real winner doesn’t focus on the past, nor on the problem, they focus on the solution and present moment.
4) Leadership
We have been privileged to work along the side of some of the most successful Business minds in the Bay Area, they all have phenomenal leadership skills in common. The most successful of Business men lead by example. A good leader is not afraid to pick up a broom and sweep his own floor. We have learned from the best leaders that being humble and leading by example is the key to success. While some of our clients have hundreds of employees and others just one or two, the principals are the same. You have to be willing to put yourself on the frontline in order to gain the respect of the team that is building your business.
5) Adaptability
I feel that adaptability is one of the biggest successful traits we’ve picked up from our clients. We have heard stories about failing businesses who were able to turn things around by simply taking advice. Too often Business leaders are too prideful to accept change and/or criticism and therefore end up out of business. A lot of the start ups we have worked with have had to adjust strategies several times before they became successful. We have learned that too much pride could be poisonous.

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