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Seeing that we are located in the heart of Silicon Valley (the Tech Capital of the world), it only makes sense that we have built a technology marketing system so advanced that we guarantee it will knock your socks off. We are not your typical Marketing Company, our team of technology engineers and marketing strategists made sure we were leading the way in creating smart and effective marketing ssytems. We use some of the sharpest tools to bring leads to your footstep. In fact, we GUARANTEE leads! Our technology allows us to reach more people in less time, which means you get more leads for less money. At Faim Marketing our main goal is to grow your business in a smart and effective way. In addition to our Smart Technology, we also have the capabilities to implement traditional marketing strategies to keep your growth constant. Some of our other services other than Smart Tech Lead Generation are; Google Page Placement, Social Media Lead Creation, Ad Management, Email Marketing Takeover, Web Design and Reconfiguration, Logo and Brand Creation, Video for Online Visibility and Consulting for Business Owners and Marketing Teams.

OUR Services

We specialize in implementing our Smart Technology System for B2B type Companies. Our bread and butter is being able to reach 1000-3000 people per week in any given target audience. The best part is that we don’t rely on advertising, instead we put your message in the “hands” of your next customers. We then follow up and prep the lead for closing. Essentially our Marketing Technology System and strategy allows for us to do the job of an entire marketing team.

FAIM Marketing always uses unique and creative ideas that will help you achieve your goals. We have all the right arsenal to make you stand out from your competition.Besides our Smart-Tek Marketing System, here are some other services we offer to boost your brand!


Let us be your go to source for anything Marketing. we are the firm for your business!

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Is it time for you to show up on Google above your competitors? I Think its time we talk.

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Search Engine Dominance

EasySeo caters to clients who require an intensive, full-service approach to search engine marketing

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Social Media Takeover

If you have been struggling with social media strategy, management, or advertising we can help

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Lead Generation Projects

What Makes Us Different

Definitely our technology! No other Marketing Company/Lead Generator is doing what we do. Our Smart-Tek Marketing System is one of a kind. FAIM also works with an amazing crew of creative talent. The three things that all FAIM marketers share is; a passion for Marketing, a will to be the best in the industry and the ability to achieve results.

Free Marketing Analysis of Your Business

We would be glad to take a quick look at your marketing efforts, I bet after we take a quick glance we could offer you some unbiased advice that may boost your business. We’ll make sure that the message to your audience is clear and easy to understand. After doing an evaluation of your; website, your social media and other marketing channels, we’ll make sure all your marketing efforts are firing on all cylinders.

Our Guarantee

We believe in what we do and we believe in you. We are very selective in who we work with because we guarantee results, it is important to find businesses who are as ambitious as we are. If we are a good match for each other we'll establish a plan that will get you to be a top competitor in your industry.

Fully Integrated service

FAIM Marketing always uses unique and creative ideas that will help you achieve your goals. We have all the right arsenal to make you stand out from your competition.

We create beautiful things

We are building bridges in web technology in order to achieve our client’s goals in a timely manner. All our work is unique and original, no copy-cats here!



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We offer customized solutions for each of our clients, all our proposals are tailored for your goals. We work with most budgets and help maximize each dollar invested. Our goals are the same as your goals.



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