So you’re probably thinking, what is the difference between email marketing and prospecting?  Well the way we define it is, email marketing are campaigns that are usually directed to your current data base. Most email marketing campaigns come in the form of a newsletter or a drip campaign (which are both services we provide). But our better selling service is Email Prospecting. This is the process in which we use our sales force to send thousands of emails per month to your identified and verified prospective customers. The format looks like any email you get from one of  your email contacts. So how could  this be more effective than conventional email marketing? Well, we tend to land in inboxes a lot more often. Most email service providers have done a great job of blocking newsletter type emails from strangers. We would be sending from a custom domain (, so are emails are more likely to be opened and read.

Essentially we are sending friendly inquiries to thousands of people on your behalf. Isn’t that spam? Nope, if someone is not interested in your service or getting more emails all they have to do is say so and we stop targeting that person/business. In a nutshell this is the process; we use our magic technology tools to identify your next potential customers, we pull their email from our technology, we assign a custom email with your name and our team begins to send emails to those prospects (oh yeah, and we follow up too!).

You need some case studies or references to see how powerful this strategy is? Now worries, click here to request all that you need to help make a decision on your next campaign.


How do you get the email contacts?

We are a Marketing Technology Company, we have a very special tool that helps us aggregate those emails.

How Effective is This Strategy?

Very! Click here for some case studies and analytics.

How many emails get sent out regularly?

Depends on the campaign you choose. We have clients that send 2,000 per month and other clients that send 10,000 per month.

Do you also send follow up emails?

Yes! It comes with the campaign, we send up to three (3) follow ups.

How accurate are the emails you are sending to?

Well our tool is not perfect, but we find that it has an 85% accuracy rate.

Do you use our personal email?

Nope, we create a new email for you that is similar to your personal one. For example, if your email is we would create something like

Do you provide reports?

You betcha! At the end of the week you get easy to read reports. Although if there is a lead, we send that to your right away.

Does this work for both B2B and B2C?

It does but we specialize in B2B and will only do B2C campaigns under certain circumstances. Call us for more info.

How much does the cost?

You probably already know the answer to this. It depends on your campaign but we are always happy to offer you a custom quote. Click here to request pricing.

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