The 7 Secrets to a Great Sales Call

As you may or may not know, one of our services is Cold Call Prospecting on behalf of our
clients. As a team we have made thousands of prospecting calls, so we may know a thing or
two about dialing out and today we want to share some tips.

If we took a survey about the one thing that people hate most about business development or
marketing, cold calls would be number one. They are uncomfortable and takes lot of grit. No
one likes to be told no 1000 times but we all know that it’s worth it when one “yes” leads to a
closed deal for the company. Although cold calls are uncomfortable, we found 7 tips that’ll
help alleviate the pain of picking up the phone and reaching out to strangers.

  1. ENERGY –
    Your energy over the phone will say everything about how the call is going to go. Energy is
    contagious. If one person is excited, the other person will have no choice but to match the
    excitement. This then puts the person answering the call in a great mood ready to listen and
    talk. Let’s be honest, no one wants to speak to Mr. Grumpy Gills over the phone when they
    are stuck in an office answering phone calls all day. They much rather talk to the happy,
    upbeat person that brings energy and joy to their day!
    This is a trait that is vital to making a call because when talking over the phone it shows the
    person you are the professional in the industry you are calling from. Think about it from your
    prospects view, would you rather work with a less confident Company or the Company that
    knows that they are the professionals and can provide you value? Point taken. So, when
    making that call, lift up your confidence levels in yourself and the company by already
    envisioning the call going great no matter what the outcome may be! You are the professional.
  3. SMILE –
    Take a moment and smile.
    In that moment, doesn’t it feel good? Smiling always brings out a more positive vibe in people.
    To some it may sound silly but smiling over the phone puts yourself in a confident and
    energetic mood, that will surely help you make a great call!
    Get comfortable making that call. Whether it is standing up or sitting down. Pacing around the
    room or finding a specific spot to make calls. Make it comfortable for yourself. The more
    comfortable you are, the more likely it becomes a routine and 2nd nature.
  5. LISTEN –
    This is where most salesmen shoot themselves in the foot. People want to know that you
    genuinely care about them and their business before they buy from you. Ask questions and
    listen to what they have to say. Form your questions so that they are about their business, but
    they also give you insights on a solution you may be able to provide them. Ask questions,
    LISTEN, and reiterate to them what you heard to provide them with the best possible solution
    from your company.
    After having this conversation with the prospect over the phone ask for their email or the best
    person to reach in regard to making the decision on your product. Then send them information
    about your Company providing them with feedback on how you could deliver the best possible
    solution to their problem. This shows that you actually payed attention to them and you
    genuinely care about their Business.
  7. FOLLOW UP –
    When you have their information and notes on the best solution for them, ask for a meeting or
    a follow up call that will fit their schedule. This way you can guarantee that they will look into
    your business and the next time you meet with them, they will have questions or want to move
    further with your product.

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