Our Guarantee

At FAIM Marketing we have a simple guarantee that no one else offers, mainly because its kind of crazy. In all the years being in business we have never run across any marketing or advertising agencies who stand behind their services, we’re breaking the mold. We believe in what we do and we believe in you. We are very selective in who we work with because we guarantee results, it is important to find businesses who are as ambitious as we are. If we are a good match for each other we’ll establish a plan that will get you to be a top competitor in your industry.
So this is how the Guarantee works; we evaluate your current marketing strategy in immense detail and find areas that could use some improvement. We brainstorm and develop a new plan for you to follow, if after committing to the plan and executing our steps you do not see a a increase in your business we will either refund your money 100% or work with you until you get an ROI on our services. We also have a Guarantee   for our other products and services, including SEO.  Pretty much anything that comes from our creative hive comes with a quality and efficiency guarantee.
Its that straight forward. The reason we got into business is to change the way marketing is done. We are confident in our services and are built on customer relationships. So there it is, a win win proposition. If we fail you, you get your money back!