Graphic Design

Graphics design is a fun piece to the marketing puzzle. While having great designs will not make or break a business, it is important to use designs to get your point across. It is too often we see businesses with a poor designed logo or one that is confusing to the consumer. You want to have designs that compliment the objectives of your business. If you are a dentist, you don’t want to have a logo of a drill; one, its not pleasant to think of  teeth being drilled and two, people could easily confuse your business with another profession that uses a drill. The drill example is a little silly but you get the idea.

At Faim Marketing we create graphics that are 100% custom. We work together with you to create something that fits your business and personality. We make sure that every design is effective and will have a lasting effect on your customer’s memory. At the very least we recommend letting us offer you a outside perspective on your current designs.

Other than logos, what other ways are designs useful? We could help create graphics for your company vehicles, something that will gravitate the eyes of a potential customer. We help design flyers and other promotional items for your business, our custom designs will make it more likely that your customer keeps your information, rather than toss in the recycle bin. We design graphics for promotional items, such as t-shirts, hats and other wearables. The last thing you want is to spend your money on merchandise that nobody wants to wear.

Make sure to think of us when it’s time to design/resign your image and brand. Our creations are all one of a kind and unique, just like your business. The last thing you want us is to have a downloadable design that your competitor is already using. Call us today for a consultation and see why we’re one of the top graphic designers in San Jose, top graphic designers in San Francisco, and graphic designer in Mountain View.