About Us

After years of working for many small businesses as a Marketing Manager, Yussef Nesme (CEO) decided to venture off on his own to create FAIM Marketing. The idea was; if he could help one business triple their revenue, why not share the secret formula with other businesses and help them do the same. Since then FAIM Marketing has worked with a variety of different businesses to help them surpass their financial goals.

Faim Marketing Team

FAIM is now working with an amazing crew of creative talent. The three things that all FAIM marketers share is; a passion for Marketing, a will to be the best in the industry and the ability to achieve results. The FAIM gang is second to none when it comes to Marketing expertise, the team is not only book smart but has a proven track record of applying their knowledge to achieve results. At the end of the day there are a million of creative individuals who live in the Marketing “jungle”, FAIM like to differentiate themselves by using their creativity and experience to get their clients the results they are looking for. After all, isn’t Marketing about taking your business to new heights?

You want to know the best thing about FAIM Marketing (other than their great track record, other than the attention to details and the awesome customer service)? FAIM guarantees a return on investment! We don’t know of any other Marketing company who guarantees results. That’s right, FAIM has joined death and taxes in the GUARATEED department.